Mourinho unsure if he will stay or leave Roma.

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Roma boss Jose Mourinho has yet to make a decision over his future in the summer over whether he will stay at the football club.

The Portuguese boss has previously complained about the depth of his squad. That is unable to compete for the Serie A title or play in big competitions like the UEFA Champions League. And with one contract remaining year, making news about leaving the team this summer.

Current with Paris Saint-Germain France’s famous team has been on the rise lately. While Mourinho has yet to confirm his future decision UFABET 

“I don’t talk to friends or journalists.” Mourinho replied after being asked about his future. It’s his interpretation.”

“Now Mr Sazzaroni (journalist) says what he said was his own interpretation, I haven’t spoken to anyone.”

“The situation is clear from the point of view of the contract. I still have one more year on my contract. Football is football. Sometimes contracts aren’t the most important thing. everything is with heart everything is calm. The next game is always the most important thing.

Or another way that the latest media reveals is Al Nasser, a famous team in Saudi Arabia. who offered a contract of 52 million pounds per year. Or about 2.2 billion baht to manage a team in the Middle East with Cristiano Ronaldo. An ex-court at Real Madrid 10 years ago. There It is expected that Mourinho will give answers about his own future soon.