De Zerbi threatens the gun to meet Brighton’s aggression.

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Brighton manager Roberto De Zerbi has threatened Arsenal‘s next opponents will face the fury of his team. Following their devastating defeat in their latest game.

“Gull” was hit by Everton invaded the house, messed up 1-5 in the Premier League game on Monday night. Considered turning expectations after the team had just won a beautiful victory in the last two games. In which De Serbi confirmed that the team would play in the next game with anger that had collapsed.

“It’s hard to describe the performance from this game. It’s a very strange game. We conceded the first goal after 30 seconds.” De Zerbi said. “This was not the real Brighton, it was a bad day. I don’t think the problem is tactical. UFABET I think we weren’t prepare in terms of motivation in terms of mental state.”

“To play many games in a row in such a short period is also difficult. We are not used to playing multiple games in a row. We have to work with that and with our mentality. I understand that. I’m proud of the players. The first person in charge is the coach. It’s my responsibility.

“I talk to the players like I always do after the game. I think on Sunday [against Arsenal] we will show our quality. We will come back to our style and we will see the real Brighton.”