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Be careful! Eating too much spicy food.

Is there anyone who likes to eat spicy food? I believe that many people must be satisfied with spicy food. Especially if it has a spicy taste. The more spicy, the tastier, the more delicious it will feel. Of course, most Thai people like to eat something like this

Drinks that make it easier to fall asleep.

There are some drinks that will help you fall asleep and fall asleep easier. But there are other drinks that should be avoided as well menu. Milk contains tryptophan It is an amino acid that helps synthesize the hormone melatonin. Help us relax reduce stress sleep more comfortably. Therefore, if

Passion Fruit.

Passion fruit one of the unique fruits and addictive sour taste. Just add sugar or sprinkle a little salt to get a healthy meal immediately. Passion fruit is everywhere that has the word Healthy on it. Anyone want to know that this purple-colored round fruit helps us feel good?