Passion Fruit.

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Passion fruit one of the unique fruits and addictive sour taste. Just add sugar or sprinkle a little salt to get a healthy meal immediately. Passion fruit is everywhere that has the word Healthy on it. Anyone want to know that this purple-colored round fruit helps us feel good?

Health benefits just by having passion fruit.

Sleep well

Passion fruit, even when eating, is sour until the eyes squint. But when sleeping, it also helps the eyes to sleep soundly. because the passion fruit is rich in selatonin The calming hormone that helps control mood and sleep better. Including helping to reduce stress, relieve sadness UFABET

Eye care

Because passion fruit contains flavonoids such as beta-carotene, including vitamin A. That helps strengthen the army to eliminate free radicals, the cause of aging and laxity Including helping to nourish eyesight, prevent cell damage Have you ever seen Tazan wearing glasses?

Far from cancer

Vitamin A may have to change the medical name to Vitamin A+ because in addition to helping to nourish the eyes as mentioned above. Vitamin A and flavonoids also reduce the risk of lung and oral cancers.

Excrete well

Khun Film Tiffany, who used to say that “buffalo eat grass, buffalo get fiber”. You may be shocked because if you turn to eat, you get fiber as well. (Plus more) In addition to helping to excrete well, the body is also good with fullness from a lot of fiber in this fruit as well.

Prevent disease

In addition to high fiber is also the king of vitamin C, an important part in building immunity for our body. by a mad scientist who had previously released research results that Just 100 grams contains 36% of vitamin C, just right for what we need in a day.