Pochettino is bored of sitting and answer questions about Mbappe.

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Mauricio Pochettino coach of Paris Saint-Germain tired of answering journalists’ questions. About Kylian Mbappe and his future.

         The France international has less than two months left on his contract with the club. Amid the uncertainty of the future with the team. With Real Madrid trying hard to get him to join the team. Although the latter has a better tendency to UFABET renew the contract.

         The Argentine boss, whose future in charge of the team is uncertain as well. Has always been asked about the best players as well as about staying in charge of the team this season. Which Pochettino is bored with. Must always be there to answer every time there is a press conference.

         “I’m really tired because it’s hard to explain. but i try to do I only answer the question I was asked. ‘Today’s percentage for me 100 per cent, Kylian is the same.’ I replied,” Pochettino told Amazon Prime Video.

         “I don’t understand why this statement was take out of context. I’m really tired But I’m strong and I don’t care about rumours. I focus on football with my players We continue our work.”

         “That’s the problem. We are here to work for the club. do your best and lacking respect all the time We will continue our work. We are happy that the team did not give up. also professional need to play tomorrow is tomorrow. But today I was involve 100 per cent with PSG.”