How to look at baccarat card patterns and have rules for drawing cards.

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If there are points from 0 to 5, the 3rd card must be called by the dealer. Will be the one who draws baccarat card and distributes cards for entering and playing baccarat card for money. and compete which side are you on Having more high scores, that side wins.

If the score is 8-9 points. The game will stop immediately and see. Which side has the highest point will receive a reward.

It can be see that the gambler is only the one who bets. Able to place bets on both the player and the banker or the banker, both placing bets Predict the first 2 identical cards. Which are pair cards. Which will have different payout rates.

  • Place a bet on Player’s side, payout rate is 1
  • If bet on the banker’s side. The payout rate is 0.95 times.
  • and placing bets. The side offers 8 times the payout rate.
  • And betting on cards in the pair of cards on both sides. The payout rate is only 11.

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Because the cards are not difficult and nothing complicated. The counting of points will be counted in a format similar to the bounce by UFABET 

  • The face card A will have points = 1 point.
  • Face cards J , Q , K , 10 will have points = 0 points.
  • And 2-9 will have points = the number of face cards.