Microsoft Word For XP – Key Features

The 2002 version of Microsoft Word is generally known as Microsoft Word for XP. Windows XP was one of the best products from Microsoft and it saw wide acceptance. The Office edition for this operating system had to match the popularity that the operating system enjoyed. And to an extent, it sure did. This article discusses some of the features that made the version a big hit among the audiences.

Built-In Search Option

Microsoft Word for XP has a very good search option incorporated within itself. This option is essential while trying to find a missing document. Searches can be done based on keywords or based on file names.

Auto Correction

Auto Correction is one of the oldest features of MS Word. In Microsoft Word for XP, MS Word Free Download Full Version it gets a huge facelift. The lexicon has improved and one can immediately recognize the difference from previous versions. The management for this feature is equally good, with options to disable auto correction in particular instances and the like.

Compression and Other Web Related Features

MS Word 2002 provides excellent compression facilities. This becomes even more pronounced with the advent of the Internet and online file sharing. The lower the size of the document, the easier it is to transfer. Compressing pictures is also available as an add-on to this option. Other features include the option to send an attached message when sending an e-mail. Also, more controls for sharing documents with other people have been introduced.

Multiple Selection

One feature that took surprisingly long for Microsoft to introduce is the multiple selection feature. Things have changed with Microsoft Word for XP. By selecting various parts of the document while holding down the control button, multiple selection is possible. This is extremely useful when one wants to apply formatting or styles to different areas of a document. Also, one can search within the selected areas alone.

Tracking Changes

The feature to track changes made by other people to a specific document has improved vastly with Microsoft Word for XP. Edits by different people are given different colours and other Markup features are also used.

Styles and Formatting

The styles and formatting task pane is a welcome addition to the franchise. One can now easily check what type of formatting has been applied to a particular piece of text.

Apart from the aforementioned features, Word 2002 also had its share of problems. User selected options are not remembered. And almost every feature is reset when the program is closed and opened. This was just one of the many inconsistencies that users faced while working with the program.

With the advent of many other versions of Microsoft Word for XP, the 2002 version has become obsolete. People now go in for the latest 2007 version. This does, however, in now way degrade the 2002 package. It was rightly considered a great leap in terms of versatility and usability.

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