Important Tips For Using a Chain Dog Collar

There are a lot of misconceptions about chain dog collars and whether or not they should be used on dogs. Here are some of the things that you should remember when you are using a chain collar on a dog.

o Never, ever use a chain dog collar on a puppy or a young dog. They don’t have enough strength for this type of collar.

o Make sure that you have chosen the right size of collar for your dog. Measure the dog’s neck at the widest part and add two inches, and that is the right size for your dog.

o Only use the chain collars when you are out for a walk, don’t leave it on when you are at home. This will avoid strangulation accidents.

o When you need to use the chain collars, Copper kettle snap it quickly and bring your dog to heel. Use the heel command at the same time. Don’t keep the tension on the chain collar for longer than a second.

o Keep your leash short – this is going to avoid making the dog pull hard because they don’t have as much leverage. This is advice that should be used whatever type of collar you are using.

Using a chain collar doesn’t have to be cruel or something that is going to hurt a dog. In fact, when it’s done right, it can be used lovingly and as a great way to get your dog trained and reminds them to obey when you give them a command. Make sure that you choose the right size for your dog, that you are waiting until an appropriate age to use one, and that you are using it the right way, and you will find that using a chain collar can help the two of you be much happier.

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