How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over

Dog training is more of an art. it is satisfying to teach new things and equally enjoyable to see the pet learning it. This requires time and patience from the trainer. The speed of learning new tricks will depend solely on the extent of difficulty and the intelligence of the dog. It is easy for the dog to learn simple tricks like sitting and standing when the command is given. But many owners find difficulty in teaching the dog to roll over.

Few useful tips while attempting to teach the dog to roll over are:

• Make the dog lie on the side and instruct it to ‘lie dead’.
• Hold its lower front and back legs and then roll them over slowly.
• While doing the action, How to teach dog to roll over say the words ‘roll over’ aloud, so it understands the action.
• If the dog tries to do the movement by itself, let it continue since the dog learns faster this way.
• A treat at the end is a must for faster learning.

If the pet is habitual to rewards before completion of a task, one should try a little different approach.

• One should get the pet to lie still on the side and show the treat in front of its face.
• With the instruction of ‘roll over’ being said aloud, the owner should slowly move the teat in the direction of roll.
• If the pet tries to jump up or get up to take the treat, the owner should discourage it firmly but gently and continue with the task.

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