How to Keep Cats From Scratching on the Furniture

Cats are adorable creatures, they purr, they cuddle and they entertain as well. Although they have an attitude and aren’t very loyal when compared to dogs, they have their own charm. Especially kittens and the way they run around, playing with almost anything that catches their fancy, always being hyper most of the time, it really makes a person smile. However, there is one thing cat’s do that makes you hate them, and that’s when they scratch the furniture.

Scratching is a natural instinct and you cannot stop them from doing it, the reason they scratch is to mark their territory. The ends of their paws have scent glands on them and scratching is their way of saying that this is my area. The other reason they scratch is to sharpen their claws and they just like doing it as well. Now, most people might go ahead and declaw their cats, but that’s something one should not do. Copper kettle¬†Claws are a part of the cat, a very important part to that, it helps them balance, grip properly, and defend for them selves if they get in a fight with another cat. When you declaw a cat, you are having the tip of its paw cut off, and that’s very painful, it’s not at all like cutting finer nails. However, this does not mean that you will have to live with your furniture being ripped to shreds; in fact you can help your cat find other things on which it can scratch all it wants to.

The best way is to go and buy a suitable scratching post for your cat, make sure that post is tall enough so your cat can stretch out full. Remember that cats like rough surfaces so don’t get any thing soft, sisal textile material works best. But once you have brought the kitty post home, you will have to make sure your cat uses it, never force her into it that will just have an opposite effect. Discourage the cat’s previous scratching areas by using an odor remover, or spraying the areas with a citrus scented perfume of air fresher. You can discourage your cat by spraying it with water if it tries to scratch the furniture, or you can use noise to scare it off, but remember physically hitting your cat will have no effect and it will only make it more bad-tempered. You should encourage your cat by giving it treats if it scratches the post and in a while your cat will keep its paws off the furniture.

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