Copper Planter – Considerations For This Decorative Planter

Enhance the way your flowers and greenery look with a rich copper planter. They are a beautiful and elegant way to decorate a yard or porch area. They are very durable and will often increase in beauty as they age. One of the characteristics of metal planters is the way the material ages especially when exposed to the outdoors. The surface color and texture is intensified with a green cast as the oxidation process takes place. Many find this change in color appealing, while others do not.

There are many benefits in owning this kind of planter as it will not crack, break or chip. They are a good choice for both outdoor and indoor plants and flowers. Just be sure to consider some of its natural tendencies which may be a pro or con for you and your plants. Copper heats up when placed in a warm area especially in direct sunlight which can rapidly dry up the soil and may damage a plant’s roots. copper kettle It is also non porous, so it can hold up water for a very long period of time. Adding drainage holes may be a helpful or not depending on the plant and the weather. Placing a smaller plastic pot inside of the copper planter may be beneficial, to remove the plant for watering and misting.

Copper is a natural element essential to life, it is also very popular for use at home decorating. A Turkish copper oval flower pot is very stylish in any home and it only costs around $31. Planters that are hand crafted and made out of copper are very beautiful and attractive in any home regardless of the decor. These planters are lightweight and very durable although they look heavy. Garland copper planters that are handmade, and expertly crafted are a great gift idea. They come in three sizes, 16″ diameter with 14″ height, 20″ diameter with 16.5 height and 24″ diameter with 20″ height.

An oval basket copper planter has a very unique oval shape and sensational appearance. It may be used indoors or outdoors, it measures 19″ in diameter and 11″ in height. You may also want to check out the giant copper kettle fountain and planter. These pieces will bring an elegant touch to any space. The fountain features a sunburst design on the front, and a pitcher sits askew on the edge of the planter, pouring out water onto the plants. Three chambers provide a lot of room for plants and it has ample drainage holes in the bottoms of each section. These are just a few of the many options available in copper planters.

A copper planter is a great way to enhance the way your plants look indoors or outdoors. They accentuate your growing plants and can support them for many years. Just make sure that you consider this materials natural tendencies before purchasing and planting in one of them.

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