Best Way to Get Dog Urine Out of Carpet

Dogs and puppies are come in the home with the cute faces and worm body. New puppies are like a newly born baby and you have to teach them like a your own newly born baby. Your puppy is so small as well its brain, to understand where to eat and where to do toilet. The result is your costly carpet start suffering from this problem and carpet gets with full of toilet patches and very bad urine smell. But there are some very good homes remedies are available to remove strain and bad odor out of your carpet.

First every one use a paper towels or toilet paper in the house and it is easy available. If you noticed that your new puppy just urinated on your carpet. Take some toilet paper and put that on the urinated spot. Press the bunch of toilet paper with the hand so that it soaks the as much as wet urine form the carpet. Do not let the urine dry, it is not very easy to remove the smell and stain of the old patch best odor remover reviews .

Second step make a mixture of the dish washer soap and water. Soak the area thoroughly and let it sit for about ten minutes. Put bunch of paper towels and blot the wet area. Rinse the urinated area and let the carpet dry in the sunlight.

Third step remedy for dry and old patches. Find the exact location of the dry and old patch on the carpet, by using the UV handheld light in the darken room. Make a solution of white vinegar and water, used in the equal quantities like one tablespoon white vinegar plus water. Spray this solution thoroughly on the located old patch and let solution filter down to last layer of the carpet. Rub the urinated area by the brush so the solution easily filters down to the bottom. Blot this solution by the toilet paper and let the carpet dry in the sunlight or by fan.

Four step to remove the old and dry patches on the carpet. If you feel that the smell and stain is still not removed. Make another mixture of the detergent soap and 3% hydrogen peroxide. Wear a pair of gloves for protection of your hand. Sprinkles some baking soda over your carpet and let it sit for about 20 minutes before vacuuming it up. Work this mixture well into the baking soda sprinkled on the carpet. Let this solution has soaked the carpet thoroughly to the bottommost layer of the carpet. Use the toilet paper to blotting the soaked area and put the carpet to dry out in the sunlight after it. You can also use the fan or vacuum cleaner to dry the carpet.

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